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FAN JAM - November 14, 2014 

What a great time last night at Fan Jam. This was the first time we did a fan appreciation concert. We brought back the old way we use to do The Acoustic Jam before we became a band, the showcase. 
We had Conley & Watson, one of the absolute best country duos I have ever heard, along with John Bunts my longtime friend and a featured performer of Writers in the Round, who was instrumental in getting me started, so yes it’s his fault. Johnny B did things last night that were ...crazy fun. Had another good friend, Howard Isenberg, sat in with The Acoustic Jam and Johnny B, with his mandolin. Julie even reunited with old elementary school classmate, Ron Hill, who jammed with us at the end on Landslide. All in all it was an incredible night filled with a great audience, great food (OMG lots of food) and super music. There are a few pics on the photos part of the web site and as couple of videos out on Conley & Watson page so check those out and like their page.

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